28 June 2011

well. ben and I finally got a hold of virgin airlines last night.

it turns out we can reschedule the return leg of the round trip flight we booked from london last august.
which is good.
cause for a while we thought we wouldn't be able to and would have to purchase a whole new flight.

which would be uber expensive.

but. it also turns out flight bookings are only valid for one year.
so the latest we could reschedule for was the 28th of august.

so hold on to your hats kids.
we are leaving the country exactly two months from now.
[two weeks prior to when we were planning on leaving.]

pray to god, allah, buddha, the crazy homeless man on the corner that our visas get sorted out in time, we have no issues getting into the uk a whole month before my course starts and we are able to pull everything together in time.

also get geared up for the weekends where we attempt to see everybody on this side of the planet at least one more time.

it's gonna be crazy.


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