1 September 2010


I knew I loved smart and dorky Bostonians for a reason.

that's a TARDIS atop the Great Dome at MIT.

this was the second location of my favourite police box time traveling device.
the first being on the ledge of Building 7, where freshman orientation was taking place.

the banner makes this doubly awesome.

from bbcamericangirl's flickr:
For viewers not intimately familiar with MIT Culture, this is a "hack" (prank) for the start of the academic year at MIT. New student orientation begins this week. The MIT website has a gallery of hacks from over the years: hacks.mit.edu/ "The word hack at MIT usually refers to a clever, benign, and "ethical" prank or practical joke, which is both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the MIT community (and sometimes even the rest of the world!)."

the TARDIS appeared on Building 7 on the 26th of August, reappearing on the Great Dome (which, according to the Boston Globe, is uber impressive) on the 30th.

I really really want the next stop to be rose rowes wharf or faneuil hall or someplace similar, just to keep this going.

and if the doctor himself just happened to show up...well. let's just say my ass would be in boston quicker than you could say 'sonic screwdriver'.
[did I just broadcast my dorky side there? I think I did.]

[images via here]



  1. If that's the first reason you'd come Boston, you just opened a whole world o' hurt on yourself, sistah.

    We have SAM ADAMS.


  2. dude.
    I never said ONLY.
    and sam adams ain't the first reason either.
    that'd be you guyses.
    [cue romantical music]

  3. *la la la la laaaaaaaaa!!!*


    Sam Adams, my Wii and my deck of cards are waiting for your patooties to come up and play.

  4. It's Rowes Wharf not Rose.